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  Drafting services include the creation of drawings using 2D orthographic, isometric, detail and section views of component parts and assemblies as defined by client specifications. All standard ANSI drawing sizes are available.

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  •  Orthographic - Up to six views (Plan/Top, Left/West, Right/East, Front/South,  Back/North, Bottom)
  •  Isometric - Up to four views (NW, NE, SW, SE)
  •  Detail/Section - As many as required to clearly relay the intent of the  part/assembly.

All objects are fully dimensioned and annotated using client specifications for text style, scaling, layering and dimension style using generic or client supplied title blocks.

All drafting and drawings will be generated using the capabilities of our latest version of AutoCAD and saved to the version best suited to the client.

These Drafting Services are provided at an hourly rate of  - $50.00



Information Request

Send an email to [email protected] letting us know how to contact you by including your name, title, company, address, email and phone.


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